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2019 Archive - Page 2 - August

Mrs Weems
Grey the Cat - art by Erik Weems
Joseph L Mankiewicz
Lemon Tank

Lemon tank

Yvonne 2
Yvonne Black and WHite Ink Erik Weems

Trees and waters along Henricus

Trees and Waters Along Henricus by Erik Weems

Robert Morley

Robert Morley

Born 1908 - died 1992. The British actor has a credit for 112 roles in film and TV. In the 1953 Beat the Devil he's a duplicitous con man with an entourage of incompetent henchmen trying to outwit Bogart, though in this pretend adventure film (its a comedy) everyone is trying to outwit everyone else, with very little success (but for one exception). Morley's expressive face and pouting bottom lip was just one of his tools, he also had a distinctive speaking voice and was a master sputterer, when needed. If you read a bio about him, Morley's acting in live theatre was the center of his career.

Cleveland Park, Washington DC


Clarence Thomas

Clarence Thomas Supreme Court Justice

Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States

This artwork was originally drawn for NRO Online

Creighton Chaney

Creighton Chaney

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